Dollhouse 168 started manufacturing dolls in 2015. Their love dolls are made of TPE. Before creating dolls they sold dolls of other manufacturers for years and one day they’ve realized that they want to create their own sex dolls and they created their ideas into beautiful products that you can see on our website today.



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She is my Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds _3 I am in love...

Ailan in plaid shirt

No real man can compare! He is heavy, but totally worth the...


I'm very happy with the doll I have received. Fortunately I...

Fallon brunette sex doll

Is it only me or is anybody else also feeling some kind of...


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Ziana sex doll

Ziana sex doll

Sale $1,399.00
Save: 29%
Bahia realistic sex doll

Bahia realistic sex doll

Sale $1,990.00
Save: 17%
WM Lynn sexy sex doll

WM Lynn sexy sex doll

Sale $1,630.00
Save: 20%
Rebecca sexy sex doll

Rebecca sexy sex doll

Sale $1,950.00
Save: 24%