Service & Warranty

We control the quality.


- Each doll that is leaving our studio is checked. We have a very strict control system. Since we inspect and test the doll and also the packaging it's highly unlikely that the doll will arrive with any defects or damage.


- What if your doll does arrive damaged?


The only way you can get a refund is when your doll arrives damaged on arrival so it's very important to send us a message right after you open your package. After inspecting the doll from head to toes contact us within 24h. Depending on how much the doll has damaged we will help you to repair your doll, refund the money or send gifts. We will come to an agreement by e-mail.


Please remember that if the doll will damage because of improper usage we won't refund. Please be respectful and use the doll with care to avoid a bad situation.


What kind of damages are not going to be refundable?


-If the damage is caused by improper usage.

-Used doll. Please do not use your sex doll if you want a refund.

-Color of the skin. The photos may be a bit different than reality. Lightning changes things. We do not exchange the doll if the skin tone is slightly different than on the factory photo.

-Loose nails. It's very easy to glue them back on. We explained how in the maintenance section.

-Loose eyelash. A protective sponge protects the eyes and eyelashes during shipping so it's very unlikely for the eyelashes to fall off, but if it happens it's very easy to glue them back on.

-Make up difference. We make our best to prepare the make up the best we can. We try to recreate the make-up done by the photographer, but we can't always be 100% accurate. The doll might be slightly different than the picture when it comes to make up, but these won't be big differences. Please understand us. You can always remove make up and put your own make up that will satisfy you.


We are very grateful for any feedback and advice. Let us know at



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Zilia sexy sex doll

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WM doll Hodges sex doll

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