Payment Details

We offer the following payment methods for your doll.


1. Western Union/ Bank Transfer


Place your order and leave it at pending and then contact us on and ask us for our WU or bank details.


2. Paypal


Most popular method. You can pay even without having an account at paypal and you can do it by using your debit or credit card.


3. E-cheque

Connect your bank account with paypal and you’ll find e-cheque as an available option! Don’t worry; setting a paypal account is absolutely free!

4. Layaway/Multi-Card Payment

1) We can split the total amount into few payments in order to make it more comfortable for you.
2) Send an e-mail to us and tell us what doll have you chosen so we can prepare an invoice for you which will allow flexible payments so you can start paying for your sex doll from that moment.

3) The minimum first payment which we use as deposit is 200$. You can pay the rest when you will be ready. It isn’t refundable.

4) Once you’ll make all the payments we will send a confirmation you your e-mail and we’ll start working on your doll.
5) There is no interest and you are free to choose if you want to pay daily, weekly or maybe monthly. It all depends on you.

If you have any further question, please feel free to contact or call us at (+86) 136-5603-7453



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Jewel with purple hair

Very well priced for the quality! I didn't expect anything...


I'm very happy with my doll! I love how Joy was in constant...


Joy gave me a special price for this cutie and now I am a...

WM Dolls 87cm M-Cup Timothea on terrace

she arrived 3 weeks ago and since that time i rarely go out...


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YL 141cm Abbey sex doll in white lingerie

YL 141cm Abbey sex doll in white lingerie

Sale $1,299.00
Save: 13%
Zilia sexy sex doll

Zilia sexy sex doll

Sale $1,950.00
Save: 24%
Aldercy- WM 166cm C-Cup Scottish Croft Sex Doll

Aldercy- WM 166cm C-Cup Scottish Croft Sex Doll

Sale $2,050.00
Save: 20%
WM doll Hodges sex doll

WM doll Hodges sex doll

Sale $1,990.00
Save: 17%