Safe Purchase Guide

Contact information.

- Please be very careful while you're shopping on aliexpress or any similar site. A reliable company will have their address and telephone number listed in their contact section, but even this isn't enough at times as some of these sellers might sell cheap copies that will arrive after payment, but the doll will have a short "life" and you'll end up losing money. Remember, a price that seems too good to be true is not real. Quality dolls are made from expensive materials and can't be cheaper than what we offer.


-Sometimes reviews from other people might be a good proof. If a company has many positive reviews from happy clients it's more possible that you'll be satisfied with your purchase.

Payment methods.

-Paypal and credit card are the most secure ways to pay for a doll. If a seller doesn't offer these options he might be a scammer. You won't be able to get your money back if you'll pay by a bank transfer or wester union. Please remember to pay by wire transfer or WU only if you deal with a company that you bought from before where trust is already built.


-As we stated above too cheap is too good to be true. The normal price for a wm doll can't be 300-1000$ for a full sized doll with shipping. Jinsan factory wouldn't be able to create good quality dolls for this price so the doll that will cost so little will be made with really bad and possibly very toxic materials.

Good brands are being copied.

-Brands such as wm, yl or or doll are being copies by some "copy factories" and if you'll buy a doll for a very low price the doll might look like the original doll at first glance, but once you look closer she will look slightly different and she will damage for no reason within weeks or even days! Remember, even if your copy looks like a yl doll or wm doll it's not one and these companies won't owe you any help.

Ask the creator if the retailer is their agent.

-You saw a beautiful wm doll and you wonder if you will get a original doll? Just contact the official manufacturer and ask if your potential seller is one of their agents. It's better to be safe than sorry!




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