Jy doll

Jydoll is a popular  brand producing affordable tpe sex dolls. They use new environmental polymer material to produce all of their dolls. Jydolls are safe to use as they have FDA, CE and RoHS certificates. This brand has really a lot of options and surely anyone can find a body typethat they’ll like while browsing their section on our website.



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She is a very beautiful doll. I had to learn to pose her...

Florentyna sexy sex doll

Thank you for the amazing customer service. The doll...

Alan male Torso

Love him! This is exactly what a woman after a divorce...

Fedora sexy sex doll

I just LOVE her nipples and her long legs! The customer...


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Bahia realistic sex doll

Bahia realistic sex doll

Sale $1,990.00
Save: 17%
Rebecca sexy sex doll

Rebecca sexy sex doll

Sale $1,950.00
Save: 24%
WM Lynn sexy sex doll

WM Lynn sexy sex doll

Sale $1,630.00
Save: 20%
Ziana sex doll

Ziana sex doll

Sale $1,599.00
Save: 19%