Sino-doll belongs to the brand of Guangdong Sino Environment Technology Co., Ltd. They have their own production in Shunde, Guangdong, China. They have over a year of experience in creating realistic silicone sex dolls. They are using the most safe material which is platinum silicone. Their dolls have a smooth, soft and overall realistic skin for your enjoyment. Their dolls are not considered only sex toys, but also pieces of art because of their amazing details.



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Alittle overdue but here's the review of my 168 cm Naomi...


I got suited up in my hazmat suit, air tank, box cutter in...

Ruby spreads her legs

Ruby is my 2nd purchase from Beautiful dolls and they are...

Ainsley in a Plaid bikini sex doll

First off, Beautiful Dolls did an EXCELLENT job with all my...


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Rebecca sexy sex doll

Rebecca sexy sex doll

Sale $1,950.00
Save: 24%
Bahia realistic sex doll

Bahia realistic sex doll

Sale $1,990.00
Save: 17%
WM Lynn sexy sex doll

WM Lynn sexy sex doll

Sale $1,630.00
Save: 20%
Ziana sex doll

Ziana sex doll

Sale $1,599.00
Save: 19%